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Increase League Signups 
Generate Additional Revenue
Give your league bowlers a chance to compete in bowling contests for huge cash payouts – all from their smartphone. Earn cash for your center with our affiliate program!

Why Your Bowlers Will Love It 
  • More than $150,000 paid out since November 2015 
  • Handicap, scratch and divisional tournaments 
  • Daily & weekly contests with entry fees as low as 25¢ 
  • Huge contest variety including 50/50s, Triple Ups, Heads Up, Winner Take All, and lots more 
  • Unlimited brackets available as add-ons to every contest

Why You Will Love It
  • Generate additional revenue by becoming an Affiliate 
  • Increase participation in league and open bowlers 
  • Exciting platform to energize your center 
  • Be part of the fastest growing program in bowling!

Action Bowling is 100% legal because bowling is a game of skill. SCN is a US-based skill game 
company connecting bowlers who wish to match their physical skills with others around the country 
using verified league scores. With offices in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Las Vegas, we operate in full 
compliance with Federal and State laws. Residents of AK, AZ, DE & MI are currently ineligible to win 
cash prizes per state restrictions.

Loyalty Can Drive Your Business!
The cat is out of the bag when it comes to loyalty programs - they’re proven to increase growth, retain customers, and enhance your business reputation. 
They send a message to your customers that you are interested in building a 
relationship that is mutually beneficial. And they positively influence your 
customer’s behavior buying - more to earn rewards, which inspires them 
to buy even more. 

The SCN Solution - Low Cost, No Cards to Carry 
A fully customized loyalty program is a built-in feature of the SCN Mobilizer, included in the regular low rate. And your customers don’t have to carry yet another card, their loyalty points are tracked in your custom smartphone app, right where they’ll never lose them. Sound interesting? 
Read on to see how it works!                      
Customized to the Needs of Your Bowling Center 
We’ll provide you with best practice recommendations, and from 
there you can make all the changes you like

You decide what customer activities to reward with points, and you decide what items they can buy with those points. Of course you can reward people for bowling, but that’s just the start. 

Want to reward customers for writing an online review? No problem. 
Need to give points for Laser Tag? 
Got you covered. 

Customize your redemption catalog too - offer things like games of bowling, fountain drinks, shoe rentals - it’s all up to you. 
Want to offer a car for a million points? We can do that too.
Special Offers & Messaging
Message your customers within your app, sending them coupons that are then stored on their account. Customers use a coupon by showing it at your point of sale.

The coupon then disappears from their account so they can only use it once. You can also set expiration dates on your coupons, creating urgency for your customers to act now or miss out.

Examples of how you could use Special Offers:
  • Reward customers with a free game of bowling for downloading your app
  • Push a “today only” coupon on a rainy day in order to drive more traffic to your center
  • Offer a pro shop discount - limit it to certain gear, or make it for the whole store
  • Offer a discount during low periods, driving added revenue you wouldn’t otherwise get

Get Them Rolling With League Bowling
League bowlers are important to your business so, we know your mobile app should serve them. Link them directly to your league sign-up to drive higher participation, then let your bowlers look up their league standings right on their phone. Your app will quickly become an indispensable tool for competitors to track their rank and to boast when they’re ahead. Best of all, League Standings works with BLS, CDE software, and League Secretary - the tools you already use to manage your leagues.
We love bowling, and we know you do too! 

That’s why we created XBowling. We discovered that with a little technical expertise and a lot of passion for bowling there are new and exciting ways to make your bowling experience even more fun. You can use our App to bowl head-to-head against other XBowlers around the world, track your game history and stats, and earn reward points as you bowl, 
all while enjoying your local bowling center.

Take your bowling experience to a new level by offering XBowling.

Bowlers can track their games automatically in your app
  • Competitive bowlers can upgrade to XB Pro Stats to get in-depth stats and analysis of their game XBowling
Enter challenges against players in other locations, or who bowl at other times
  • Head-to-Head Live – challenge other bowlers around the world in real time
  • Head-to-Head Posted – play against another bowler’s completed game, with results revealed frame-by-frame as you bowl 

View live scores at your center from anywhere
  • The “Game Cast” of bowling - families use it to track their kids bowling from across town or across the country; league bowlers will even use it to know what is happening 20 lanes away
  • Also shows lane availability and provides a “click-to-call” button to customers

The VIP Bowler Program
Sign your bowlers up for a bowling subscription. You create a recurring revenue stream, and they save in exchange for their loyalty. You set the prices and bowling frequency - example offers include:

  • $9.95/mo. for 3 Games of Bowling / Week 
  • $14.95/mo. for 2 Games of Bowling / Day 
  • $24.95/mo. for 3 Games of Bowling / Day 
  • $4.95/mo. to include shoe rental

Track Your Performance 

SCN Mobilizer provides a broad array of reports that let you see how things are performing. Then, take action to make improvements and drive even more revenue. 

  • App Downloads / Sign-Ups 
  • Loyalty points earned and redeemed
  • Coupon redemptions
  • App visits per day / week / month
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